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Corporate Policy

Kuriyama pursues such corporate objective as "Grasp Customer Needs and Contribute to Society”. We all are committed to devote every effort to make our dreams come true and toward the bright & prosperous future. Your continued support and patronage will be appreciated. The businesses of the Kuriyama Corporation are divided into segments including “Industrial Material Business”, “Construction Material Business” and “Sports Facility Material Business”, based on customers, products and applications. These individual business segments will be implemented in the following business strategies:

1. Industrial Material Business The market of Mass Production Machine Division here in Japan is becoming borderless rapidly. Taking advantage of our strength, the ability of global business activities, we continue to make effort to meet the needs of our customers having a long business relationship with us. For our materials supply business for plants like ship and electric power we intend to undertake a steady step for expansion of its related items as well as bringing in overseas products.

2. Construction Material Business We see a decrease of public investment and a rising price competition in both materials for road and bridge as well as for port and harbor and civil engineering. To deal with these, we intend to ensure the profitability through a selective acceptance of order and a cost reduction.As for material supply for urban landscape, we look forward to further progress. For materials supply for construction, we intend to promote our strategies on such prioritized areas as new public spending for barrier free and environment as well as active private sector spending are found. Accordingly, we focus on developing new products from overseas, supplying with the extended range of products derived from construction and securing an order of package job.

3. Sports Facility Material Business While a new sports facility construction shows tendency of leveling off, we observe increased needs for enhancing and reforming sports facilities from rising health-consciousness and diversified sporting events. For example, our FIFA recommended long pile artificial turf of Italy-made is in huge demand for upgrading ground condition. Reacting nimbly to market changes, we intend to expand market share of our indoor and outdoor products having its own characteristics that we import and are exclusively authorized to sell in Japan.