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Our Story

Establishing Product Selection, Concentration and a Corporate Structure

1983A fresh start for Kuriyama

A logo expressing Kuriyama's idealsKuriyama, having navigated the harsh conditions of wartime and post-war Japan to find success in the heavy and chemicals industries, was now facing the emergence of the third industrial revolution, and the company decided that a creative change was in order. "Kuriyama Corporation" was chosen as the new company name, and a new corporate logo was created as part of the company's promotion of a new business strategy. The employees of Kuriyama Corporation adopted, and continue to maintain, a renewed and collective commitment to the challenges and progress that this new, 21st century brings. Under the slogan of "creativity and challenge for the 21st century," Kuriyama has embarked on a mission of connecting Japan with the wider world through trust and technology and of fostering a healthier, more abundant life for everyone.

Establishing a domestic corporate structure

While expanding operations into North America and elsewhere around the world, Kuriyama has continued developing its business with a large number of products which it brings to Japan from overseas, including not only traditional commercial-use rubber, but also everyday, essential items for leisure, sports and living. Thus, Kuriyama's commitment to satisfying customers and society by providing needed products and spaces has led to the establishment of the company's three key business focuses: Industrial Materials, Construction Materials and Sports Facility Materials.

Expanding Overseas Offices and Range of Original Products

Industrial Materials Business – Increasing range of assembly products and expansion overseas -

In order to better accommodate the overseas expansion of its agricultural and construction machinery manufacturing customers, Kuriyama established Kuriyama (Shanghai) Corporation in China in 1996 to begin local sales of rubber and plastic products for mass production machinery and other applications. In 2000, parts assembly and modularization was begun in earnest, and the number of added-value product items and original, Kuriyama brand products has increased each year since. Further, in 2012, Kuriyama Thiland Co., Ltd. was established in Thailand. Kuriyama works with these companies, as well as its North America Group and Europe Group, to continue improving the manufacturing functions and services it offers as a global supplier.

Construction Materials Business – Development and installation of original Kuriyama products -

Since the start of the 21st century, the pace of development for construction material-related products has been busier than ever. Amidst this flurry of activity, a large number of original Kuriyama products have been born.Also, in 2007, Kuriyama established IR (Foshan) Building Materials Trading Co., Ltd. in China as part of its efforts to ensure rigorous quality control for original Kuriyama products and to establish a fabless manufacturing structure. Kuriyama brand original products have been adopted by large commercial facilities, department stores, train stations and every other type of facility from public to private.

Sports Facilities Materials Business – Three significant, world-recognized core products now widespread in Japan -

Super X and Taraflex are two products that have been successively adopted for sporting events around the world, most notably the Olympics, and which have also found widespread adoption in Japan since their introduction and sale in Japan by Kuriyama. Further, in 2002, Kuriyama began importing and selling Mondoturf, a long pile artificial turf manufactured by Italian company Mondo; when combined with the expansion taking place in the new artificial turf market, Mondoturf became the third key pillar of Kuriyama's sports facilities materials business.Kuriyama has long sought to ensure that its name is associated with the phrase "international standard," as it continues to introduce Japan to the best resources and items the world has to offer.
All-weather paving material(Super X)Elastic flooring for sportsLong pile artificial turf(Mondturf)

Kuriyama's Continuing Evolution

since2012Transitioning to a holding company structure

With Kuriyama Holdings Corporation's establishment, Kuriyama Corporation has become the core group company overseeing Japanese and Asia Group operations while also helping drive business development as a manufacturer.

From trader to manufacturer

Kuriyama began more than 75 years ago as a trading company specializing in commercial rubber. Over the years it has pursued innovation in the products and technologies it offers, variously adapting it business style to match. Nevertheless, founder Yoshio Kuriyama's commitment to always meeting the customer's needs remains the company's driving principle as it steadily grows in scale and scope as a manufacturer.At Kuriyama, our mission is, and always will be, to be a company that earns trust.
For the future, we will continue to emphasize manufacturing and providing high quality products that demonstrate our reliability to customers and enable us to spread Kuriyama Value around the world, thereby beginning a new page in the history of Kuriyama.