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Our Global Network

A Global Network to Give Shape to World-class Technologies and Resources

The Kuriyama Group has established hubs in Asia, North and South America, Europe and numerous other locations overseas to develop its business worldwide. The Kuriyama Corporation is moving quickly to accommodate demand amongst the emerging markets of Asia and is capitalizing on the multi-layered business foundation it has established with Kuriyama Group companies and other leading enterprises to accelerate its expansion overseas. In addition, the Kuriyama Group is creating new value through its global network of human resources, offering a wealth of expertise and experience in all of its business domains.

  • GLobal Business
  • Domestic Business


Global BusinessOverseas Affiliated Companies

North America
  • Kuriyama of America, Inc.(Illinois)Kuriyama of America, Inc.(Illinois)
  • Accuflex Industrial Hose, Ltd.(Michigan)
  • Kuriyama of America, Inc.(Illinois)Kuri Tec Manufacturing, Inc.(Indiana)
  • Kuriyama of America, Inc.(Illinois)Piranha Hose Products, Inc.(Michigan)
  • Kuriyama of America, Inc.(Illinois)Kuriyama de Mexico,S.de R.L.deC.V.(Nuevo León)
  • Kuriyama of America, Inc.(Illinois)Tigerflex Corporation(Illinois)

  • Kuriyama of America, Inc.(Illinois)Alfagomma America, Inc.(Iowa)
  • Kuriyama of America, Inc.(Illinois)Kuriyama Canada, Inc.(Ontario)Kuri Tec Corporation(Ontario)
  • Accuflex Industrial Hose, Ltd.(Ontario)
  • Kuriyama of America, Inc.(Illinois)Técnicas e Ingeniería de Protección, S.A.U.(Spain)
  • Industrias Quilmes S.A.(Argentine)
Southeast Asia
  • Kuriyama of America, Inc.(Illinois)上海栗山貿易有限公司(上海市)Shanghai Kuriyama Trading
  • 愛楽(佛山)建材貿易有限公司(広東 省)IR(Foshan)Building Materials Trading Co.,Ltd.
  • Kuriyama(Thailand)Co., Ltd.
    (Chon Buri)
  • Kuriyama of America, Inc.(Illinois)靖江王子橡膠有限公司(江蘇省)
    Jingjiang Ohji Rubber Co.,Ltd.
  • Kuriyama-Ohji Thailand, Ltd.(Bangkok)

Domestic BusinessDomestic Organization & Domestic Affiliated Companies
  • Kuriyama of America, Inc.(Illinois)Kuriyama Corporation Head Office (Osaka City)
    KOC Corporation
  • Airmonte Corporation
  • Kuriyama of America, Inc.(Illinois)Ohji Rubber & Chemicals Co., Ltd (Hofu City)
  • Kuriyama of America, Inc.(Illinois)Kuriyama Research and
    Development Inc. (Yamaguchi City)
  • Kuriyama of America, Inc.(Illinois)OEM Thechnical Center (Tamba City)
<Domestic Offices>
  • Head Office
    (Osaka City)
  • Tokyo Regional Office
  • Nagoya District Office
    (Nagoya City)
  • Akashi District Office
  • Kyushu District Office (Fukuoka City)
  • Sendai Sales & Contracting
    Office (Sendai City)
  • Yokohama Sales & Contracting
    Office (Yokohama City)
  • Hiroshima Sales & Contracting
    Office (Hiroshima City)
  • Matsuyama Sales & Contracting
    Office (Matsuyama City)
  • Nagasaki Sales & Contracting Office (Nagasaki City)
  • Kanazawa Field Office
    (Kanazawa City)
  • Fukuyama Field Office
    (Fukuyama City)
  • Kagoshima Field Office
    (Kagoshima City)
  • OEM Thechnical Center
  • Sagamihara Delivery
    Center (Sagamihara City)
<Domestic Affiliates>
  • KOC Corporation (Osaka)
  • Airmonte Corporation (Osaka)
  • Kuriyama Research and Development Inc.
  • Norma Japan, Inc. (Tokyo)
  • Ohji Rubber & Chemicals Co., Ltd (Yamaguchi)
  • OOPATS, Inc. (Okayama)
  • SUN-A Corporation (Hiroshima)