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CLOSEEcology and Safety Initiatives

Kuriyama is developing and manufacturing products for the future that will contribute to the safety and security of both earth and humanity.

Fighting air pollution with the "Urea SCR System"

Developing core technology for the "Urea SCR System" to combat air pollution

The diesel engine vehicles used in construction, agriculture and elsewhere produce exhaust gas. This exhaust gas contains nitrogen compounds (NOx), which the "Urea SCR System" breaks down. At Kuriyama, we develop and sell key components used in this system (such as the urea water tank and urea water concentration control sensors) as well as facilitate the marketing and sale of system piping materials (including electrically heated urea water piping and various clamps) manufactured by the NORMA Group, one of the world leaders in this technology. These products, which are fabricated to meet the diverse requirements of each customer, are core environmental products for Kuriyama.

Urea SCR System

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Railway platform safety tiles and materials

Braille tiles for the visually impaired and non-slip safety tiles

Two indispensable elements in ensuring barrier-free access and mobility in public facilities are Braille tiles (blocks) and non-slip tiles. And both of these items are products which Kuriyama has cultivated a great many years of experience with.

Gap fillers to protect people from the gap between the train and platform

These newly developed materials help ensure greater passenger safety in getting on and off trains by filling in the gap between the train and the platform.

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Reduced CO2 emissions, next-generation (low-carbon) pre-mixed mortar

Striving Mortar LC-1 (specialized mortar)

Striving Mortar LC-1 is a wholly innovative, next generation (low-carbon) pre-mixed mortar specially developed to be used with the "striving method" optimized for large-scale tiling work.
Stabilized strength: See reference materials
Operability: See reference materials
Environmental performance: See reference materials
What is "low-carbon"?
Striving Mortar LC-1 incorporates a hydraulic hardening material with an extremely low CO2 emissions volume into the production of the cement used in the mortar, thereby lowering the amount of CO2 released during the mortar's manufacture. This provides a significant benefit when assessing a building's environmental-friendliness.

Sumitomo Osaka Cement Co., Ltd.Striving Mortar LC-1 is a part of Kuriyama's "Super Materials" series and is highly recommended.

Striving Mortar LC-1

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An environmentally-friendly product made from ceramic tile waste materials

Helps to reduce the heat island effect

Thanks to its water retention capabilities, Aqua Through helps lower the amount of temperature increase on sunny days by facilitating evapotranspiration of water from the ground and allows water penetration on rainy days.

Aqua Through Water Retention

Helps prevent urban flooding

The permeability of Aqua Through helps to prevent rainfall inundation and flooding.

Aqua Through Permeability

  • Public space in front of Takaoka Station(Takaoka City, Toyama Prefecture)

  • Higashi Naka-machi Road(Miyakonojo City, Miyazaki Prefecture)

  • Public space in front of Hikone Station(Hikone City, Shiga Prefecture)

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An artificial turf system prioritizing the safety of people and the environment

Development of an artificial turf system focused on flood control, heat island reduction and ensuring the safety of users

This artificial turf system, which is the result of joint industry-academia research, not only contributes to better sporting and exercise environments, it benefits society by offering better rainfall outflow control (urban flood control) and reducing the degree of ground temperature increase (heat island effect reduction).

Kuriyama's recyclable/reusable system solves the problem of disposing of old artificial turf

There is a rapidly expanding market for artificial turf. This raises a concern about how all this turf will be disposed of once it is gets old. Kuriyama has therefore created a recyclable/reusable system to address this concern in a cost-effective and environmentally-friendly manner.

Kuriyama's recyclable

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Energy-efficient, highly luminous phosphorescent guide signs which contribute to reduced CO2

Protecting people's safety during emergencies in an environmentally-friendly fashion

These phosphorescent guide signs absorb fluorescent and other ultraviolet energy, which allows them to glow when the power is off. Adhesive sticker versions of these guide signs have been approved as fire safety equipment. Not only do they contribute to safe evacuation during an emergency, because these guide signs do not require a power source, they contribute to reduced CO2 as well as energy costs.

Authorized fire safety equipment


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