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Construction Materials

Kuriyama Corporation serves for amenity, safety, comfort and affluence.

Materials for Urban Environment

Business Description: Delivery and application of design-oriented materials for station squares, pedestrian overpasses, and bus shelters.

Business Function: Plan and Design, Procurement, Application, Sales, and Maintenance.

Main Products: Aluminum Shelter, Decorative Handrails and Bridge Railings, and Others.

  • Bus shelter

    Bus shelter

    Bus shelter around a station square is required not only for people to be waiting comfortably with a feature of preventing rain, wind and strong sunshine, but also a high-quality design that brings harmony to townscape.

  • Pedestrian Deck

    Pedestrian Deck

    Pedestrian deck connecting building and station directly as skywalk and being utilized as a open square provides a smoother traffic and improves urban function. We cover all landscape materials for pedestrian deck such as roof, floor, handrail and decoration panel.

  • Bridge Guardrail

    Bridge Guardrail

    The bridge guardrail not only provides safety of traffic but also creates the aspect of the bridge. We offer a variety of bridge guardrails that fit to the surrounding environment and landscape, by using different materials of aluminum, steel and stainless steel.

  • Aqua Through

    Aqua Through

    This is an eco-friendly product that was made by recycling ceramic tile scrap. The product has high standard permeability and water retention ability and help reducing heat-island effect.

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