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Ecology and SafetyEcology and Safety Initiatives
Kuriyama products in your everyday life
Kuriyama Holdings CorporationKuriyama Holdings Corporation
Information about the entire Kuriyama Group

Business & Efforts

Our Threefold Perspective KURIYAMA VALUE

Tackling everything from diverse product procurement to quality control to
after-sales service to technology development.Kuriyama’s comprehensive strength
is the result of over 75 years of tradition combined with the latest technology.
That is why “Kuriyama does what no one else can.”For more information

Group/Affiliate Company Websites

Airmonte CorporationAirmonte Corporation
Sells outdoor sports products.
KOC CorporationKOC Corporation
Sells dust control-related products, handles real estate management and provides other, related services.
SUN-A CorporationSUN-A Corporation
Handles the design, development and manufacture of urea water identification sensors, fuel identification sensors and other devices.

Utilizes floor tiling installation experts possessing the most advanced installation technology and quality to install floor tiling via the striving method.
Kuriyama (Shanghai) CorporationKuriyama (Shanghai) Corporation
Handles sales within China of industrial-use rubber and plastic products, as well as materials for mass production machinery, aimed primarily at construction and agricultural machinery manufacturers.
Ohji Rubber & Chemicals Co., Ltd.Ohji Rubber & Chemicals Co., Ltd.
Handles the manufacture, sale, etc., of rubber and plastic hoses, extruded products, press mold products and lining.